In our experience, a small space does not have to mean small design. In fact, it’s often just the opposite! In a small space like a bathroom you can get away with some awesome design features. However, sometimes it’s tricky to figure out how to best utilize the space. Read on for our best tips to making the most of a small bathroom! This bathroom in Lely Resort was upgraded by removing a spa tub the clients had no use for.

1. DON’T skimp on design details

The common instinct most people have for a small bathroom is to go minimal. Instead, try maximizing the space! You can cover a bathroom in wallpaper without committing to a large cost, try a dark paint color, or go big with your tile selection! You aren’t spending as much time in your bathroom as you are the rest of the home, so don’t worry about getting tired of design

2. Pick the right VANITY

If you’re lacking in square footage, chances are you’re bathroom isn’t full of storage. Pick a functional vanity to help with the lack of counter space. Check out floating vanities in our other post.

3. Look for different storge ideas. Be clever!

Design your bathroom with clever storage ideas. A shower niche gives you storage and is a cleaner look than a shower caddy. Use vertical storage and add decor with a ladder for your towels. Add basket and canisters to add texture and warmth while concealing your items!

4. Big MIRROR!

A small bathroom doesn’t mean your mirror needs to shrink — it can be an opportunity to add design and make the space look bigger. We like to use backlit mirrors. The price on these have dropped dramatically recently

5. Resort Amenities?

My personal retirement when doing any bathroom. Make it feel like a spa, a retreat, that unforgettable vacation….