If you’ve ever marveled at the sleek perfection of a hotel bathroom, you’re not alone. In fact, many people use resort and hotel designs to renovate their own bedrooms and bathrooms at home. This isn’t surprising, given the amount of expert thought, professional planning, and high-end design work that goes into creating bathrooms for hotels and resorts.

In this article from Elite Home Works , we’re going over some of our favorite design ideas that we’ve gathered from hotel bathrooms all over the world. If you’re interested in bathroom remodeling, take a look at these hotel bathroom renovation trends we love—and get inspired to give your home the Ritz-Carlton makeover it deserves.

Going Green with technology

Upgrading your bathroom with newer technology is never a bad investment—and today’s hotel properties seem to understand that. Three- and four-star properties alike are adding in modern, digital features to their bathroom areas. Sleek, touch lighting, high-performance toilets, and floor heating are popular additions.

Going green is also a trend, and eco-friendly properties are more normal than unusual these days. LED lighting, water-saver faucets, and low-flush toilets are not only conscientious upgrades for residential and commercial constructions, but they can also help you save money on utilities too.

Stay Minimal

Minimalism might just be here to stay—although hotels and resorts tend to twist minimalist design into something a bit more “extra”. With sleek lines and sophisticated designs, straight-edge minimalist features merge with high-quality materials like marble, stone, and wood to create a timeless look of luxury.

Think seamless wall-surrounds made of flat marble stones, slate floors, steel or brass accents, and straight-edged, glass shower enclosures. This look is quite easy to replicate at home, just make sure you’re using the best materials you can find (and splurging a bit on the accents here and there) to avoid the bare-bones, basic minimalist look.


Hotel and resort bathrooms often look a lot alike—especially when it comes to color tones. If you’ll notice, not many of them stray from the tried-and-true earth-tone palettes, and it’s not too hard to see why. Earth tones—from gold and silver to white, black, brown, and beige—these colors are hands-down your best options for longevity and long-lasting relevance. With earth tones in your bathroom, you’ll enjoy a look that’s both timeless and modern, luxurious and minimalist, and classic yet trendy at the same time.


Some of the guests of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts have really large bathroom spaces to enjoy. Something they all seem to have in common is an excellent use of that space, with partitioned areas for showering, bathing, relaxing, and more. If you have a large bathroom space at home, chances are you’re searching for ideas on what to do with it—as the barer you leave it, the less luxurious it will look. The use of a high quality lead-free glass will keep the attention where its supposed to be.

One of the best and most trending ways to use a large bathroom space is to separate a place for showering and bathing. Whether it’s a beautiful glass or stone enclosure separating the shower from the rest of the room, or a wet room with the tub and shower inside, using the bathing areas as gleaming and gorgeous focal points in large spaces are always a good idea.