The first step in bathroom design is the planning of the space, and only the definition of the layout will establish the available space and the bathroom furniture placement. From this moment, there are a set of decisions which must be made in order to find the furniture which will best meet people’s needs. ¬†Naples, Florida homes people from all over the world with different styles and tastes.


  1. Think about the use for which the space is intended.
  2. Define its distribution.
  3. Plan the bathroom furniture placement.
  4. Measure the available space to adjust the measurements in width, depth and height.
  5. Only a few metres in the bathroom? Take full advantage of the available space with furniture that optimises storage and several functions in one.
  6. Which style defines you?
  7. Decide on which type of furniture: with legs, floor standing or wall-hung furniture.
  8. Decide on the finish, its materials and colours.


You can go for a bathroom with big dimensions or a small bathroom, and the end result will be the same: optimise every cm, make your everyday life easier, and find an aesthetic which fits in with your lifestyle. Therefore, there is no perfect furniture, but perfect bathroom furniture for each project.

With practicality as a maximum requirement, the wide range of bathroom furniture that we have, will make the choice much easier. Futurist inspired designs for the most visionary, and bathroom furniture which reinvents and modernises what is classic, along with contemporary and minimalist aesthetics.


*pictured is a small bathroom remodel near Bonita Bay on 41