1) Keep traffic in mind

No matter what, the kitchen is probably going to be a high-traffic area of the house. But there are ways you can get around making the kitchen a catch-all for mail and backpacks and coats. Create a space before you get into the kitchen, like a mudroom, to control the chaos that can come sweeping in every day. Once in the kitchen, make sure the primary pathway through the kitchen is hazard free and will not be obstructed by the refrigerator or oven door when open. We’ve done several condo installs around Bayfront Village where we redesign the condo footprint to accommodate peoples life styles.

Kitchen Layout Ideas - Triangle zones help organize kitchen traffic
Create clear zones for circulation, meal preparation and cooking in your kitchen layout

2) Space the fixtures comfortably

When laying out your kitchen it’s important to keep the main tasks in mind – preparing, serving and cleaning up from meals. You don’t want to put the stove across the room from the sink, or the fridge too far away from the stove because that will complicate whichever task you are working on.

Kitchen layout with fixtures and appliances locations

Lay out kitchen fixtures and appliances within comfortable proximity to each other

3) Put the island in the right location

A kitchen island is where much of the meal preparation happens. If your kitchen layout will include one, consider its location carefully. Make sure that it will not block the area in front of your major appliances, such as wall ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Allow enough space for the appliance door swing plus room to pass when the doors are open. But you also don’t want to place it too far. Make sure your island is located within a comfortable arm’s reach from each of these fixtures.

Kitchen Layout Ideas - Kitchen floor plan with island and appliance layout

Keep appliance door swings in mind when placing an island in your kitchen layout

4) Start with the sink and design around it

When creating a kitchen layout, many designers place the sink first and then design out from there. While this is probably grounded in tradition from the days when people spent a long time scrubbing dishes, it remains a good rule of thumb. The oven and fridge are vital to preparing meals, but somehow the sink seems to still be the place where we spend the most time. Think about placing the sink where there is a view out a window or into the room. A kitchen island is also a great location for the sink.

Kitchen Layout Ideas - Best sink location at island

Place your sink with a view into the room, out a window or in a kitchen island for both

5) Cook tops can go anywhere, keep the the ovens on an exterior wall

When you’re deciding where to put the stove and oven, remember to put them on an exterior wall rather than an island or interior wall. This will make it easier (and less expensive) to install a proper ventilation system. In most condos in Naples this can be a challenge

Locate the stove or cooktop on an exterior wall for easy ventilation

6) Use Vertical Storage

Instead of focusing all of your energy on creating enough cabinet and drawer storage, put a little of that energy in configuring convenient wall storage. Storage walls are a great way to incorporate pantry storage, small appliances, baking accessories, extra china or even a broom closet – in one convenient location. Open shelves, wall hooks, and overhead pot racks are not only convenient – if stocked with the right stuff, they can also add dimension to the aesthetic.

Kitchen Layout Ideas - Storage cabinet wall, wall hooks and open shelves

Think Vertical – Combine storage walls, wall hooks and open shelves for a mix of functional storage

7) Convert your floor plan into 3D

No matter how much designing, measuring and pinning to your dream kitchen Pinterest boards you do, your completed kitchen can still come as a surprise once the contractors are finished – and not always in a good way. Save yourself from costly mistakes and unfixable flaws with a kitchen layout tool. RoomSketcher provides an easy-to-use online kitchen planner that you can use to plan your kitchen layout. Draw your kitchen floor plan, add fixtures, finishes, and cabinets, and see them instantly in 3D!

Kitchen Layout Ideas - RoomSketcher 3D Floor Plan of Kitchen Layout

Visualize your kitchen layout ideas in 3D with a kitchen layout tool

Create 2D Floor Plans, 3D Floor Plans, and 3D Photos just like these, to share with your family and friends, and your contractor and kitchen suppliers for more accurate pricing. Let the only surprise be how perfect your new kitchen matches the one of your dreams!